What is a trial?

A trial is the opportunity to meet your Makeup artist and Hair stylist. Build trust and create a beautiful look that aligns with your preferences, vision, and expectations. It is an opportunity to get a taste of what will be executed for you on your big day.

Most often booked for brides, though I have also facilitated trials for bridesmaids and mums.

How important is a trial?

This is a very relative question. I would recommend a trial for anyone who wants to ensure the get ready of their big day is as stress-free and relaxing as possible. So, if that means:

  • You need to have a clear idea of who is coming to take care of you and your squads glam, book a trial
  • You never wear makeup and never have your hair styled, book a trial
  • You always do your own hair and makeup but never have it done professionally, book a trial
  • The wedding day is the first time you will be using this Makeup artist or Hair stylist and you have not found them via referral, book a trial

When is it not necessary to book a trial?

If you have complete confidence in your glam squad and how they will operate and perform on the day of your wedding. I do get brides who do not want to book a trial, these are the carefree come what may kind of girls, long term clients or have been a part of a bridal party that I have worked with.

If the above is not you, probably book a trial.

What happens at a trial and how long does it go for?

I allow 1.5hrs for a Makeup trial and 2.5 hrs for a Hair and Makeup trial

Why does it take so long?

Before a brush or product even touches your skin, we discuss your big day.

We cover how you envision yourself, your bridesmaids, your mum. Your dress, your florals, bridesmaid dresses and your venue/s. I also like to know who your photographer is so I can get an idea of how you will be captured in photos (how your makeup looks in person vs in photos can differ)

I understand and your vision

Now that I can visualise your day, we look at reference photos for inspiration considering your personal preferences and communicate exactly what you will leave with from your trial today

Other topics that we will cover

The glam start and finish time, schedule of glam, my professional advice, tips for touching up through the day and much more.

We execute the look

This doesn’t mean that I just bang out the look (unless you want me too). We will still collaborate as we go so that when you leave you have complete trust that on the day you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the process.

Photo of bride Nicole by

Factors to consider on your trial VS the big day


Do not have any facial waxing (including brows) within the same week of having any makeup service as the skin texture in this area will be obvious when makeup is applied.

Beauty treatments and facials

Speak to your beautician about recovery time frames for peels or other facial services and consider this when booking them in.

Eyelash extensions, lifts, tints, and brow lamination

These are very common services that brides are opting for around their big day as this will allow them to also feel fresh if immediately leaving on their honeymoon or if there is a second day celebration.

Consider trialling these services and aligning with your makeup trial.

Be aware: A lash lift can cause complications when applying false eyelashes

Hair colour and length

If you will be dramatically changing your hair colour or length before the big day, just be aware that the overall look may not translate the same. Furthermore, if your hair is freshly dyed this can also impact how your style may hold


Will you have a spray tan on your wedding day? I would recommend also being tanned for your trial because complexion tones can change the overall look

TIP: T-up for spray tan trial with the timing of your makeup trial and dress fitting

What you wear at your trial

Try to wear a white top (if you are wearing white on your wedding day) with a similar neckline to your dress. Wearing colour can alter the look and feel of the overall aesthetic.

How much is a trial, and can I book for a weekend?

A trial with me is the same cost as the service on the big day; $160 for a bridal makeup trial and $300 for bridal hair and makeup trial.

Weekends are my peak days for group and bridal bookings therefore I am only available for trials on weekdays and can be booked in my home studio in Chipping Norton or for mobile service (call out charge applies)

Photo of bride Tania by

What if I don’t leave my trial satisfied?

This is totally fine; beauty is not a one size fits all.

A successful trial is the result of several factors. Depending on what they were may determine whether your Makeup artist or Hair stylist is right for you or if you need to find someone new. You can always book a second trial or if you have trust, make the minor adjustments for the big day.

Photo of bride Erin by

From an artists perspective

I want you to feel 11/10 on your wedding day. I am deeply committed to executing the perfect experience from your initial inquiry to the trial and then to the day itself. You only (hopefully) do this once so the process should be enjoyable and easy

See you soon

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