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1. Have the talk:

You are a team; communicate with your fiancé about the following possibilities:

  • What if we can’t get married on this date?
  • What is our process if certain guests are able unable to attend?
  • How would we feel about postponing?
  • How important is a weekend wedding if we need to reschedule?
  • What is and is not negotiable?

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2. Read the fine print

Avoid being blind sighted by additional fees, forfeited deposits or any uncertainty by ensuring each of your vendors specifies in their contract terms and conditions what they offer in the event of a last-minute lockdown or cancellation.

Decide if this works within your contingency plan before locking them in.

If you have already locked in suppliers or vendors and do not know their conditions, I would advise revisiting your contract or shooting them an email to find this out.

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3. Create a plan B

  • Could you have a “Micro Wedding?”

A Micro Wedding is where you still have your ceremony though your reception is postponed. This can help to relieve some of the challenges around coordinating the date availability for some of your suppliers and vendors.

  • Review what a 1 per 4sqm rule would allow for your ceremony and reception.

Does this mean that some guests may need to be culled? Who gets the chop and how are you going to deliver this news?

In this case, to avoid awkward conversations and disappointed would-be guests; only send save the dates to those who you 100% want to (or can) have in attendance.

  • Who are your must-have suppliers/vendors in the event of reschedule?

We were ready for the backlog of weddings that were rescheduled from 2020 into 2021. However, we now have 2020 and 2021 couples (some for the second or third time) rescheduling.

There is only 24 more Saturdays left in 2021. Minus Christmas and the 2 upcoming cancelled by the Greater Sydney lockdown and that brings us down to 21. To put things into further perspective, I have only 4 of these 21 Saturdays in 2021 remaining with full day availability.

4. Reschedule for a weekday

  • This is the greatest chance to salvage your full wedding day experience as majority of suppliers have availability

Friday and weekday weddings also have their perk$

Some suppliers and hotels offer discounts for weekday bookings. One of the venues we considered offered an almost 40% discount if we chose a Friday!

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5. Don’t Panic

  • Listen to the facts announced by Health and the Governmental bodies and then switch off until there is more information.

Unfortunately, this situation is not ideal, and it is not under your personal control but if you have a plan this can ease any anxiety before and after the heart shattering announcements are made.

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If you are a Bride, Supplier or Vendor who can share any other great tips please comment below. My heart is with you all during this time.

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